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I am a Sudanese Director, Editor, and Artist based in

New York.

However, first and foremost, I'm an image maker.

It began with drawing, collage and photography.

curiosity of the moving image lead me to graduate school where I shot, directed and edited my video installations and artwork. I learned editing because it was a means to realizing my vision. I never dreamed that it would lead to a career as an editor. 


So for many years, people stared at the back of my head (and the monitors surrounding it. That feeling once so awkward, became my therapeutic daily routine As editors, we are the end of the pipeline and we see it all; your ambitious script, your mishaps, your incredible achievements, the pressures you face as you try to meet your deadline or budget and hopefully the successful conclusion of many hours of hard work. We are creative therapists. A good editor is invisible and a great one elevates your work and vision in ways you didn't know were possible.


I came to cherish my role as editor, however, my hunger to craft my own stories grew. I quit my full time editing gig, travelled, taught and freelanced, completed an artist in residency program and began directing again.


Returning to directing allows me to incorporate all my life lessons and is the culmination of the many years of my creative evolution. It feels like coming home.




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